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Cloverfield is the new film by producer JJ Abrahams who is most well known for the TV show Lost. One of the key features of Lost, apart from having no overall plot is that it used the Internet to promote the show and offer fans the opportunity to find out more about the show and characters. This has been replicated through the online marketing for Cloverfield. The links below will take you to articles about this.

Movie marketing madness article
BBC News article about Cloverfield marketing
Article considering how other 'brands' can learn from Cloverfield
Article about viral marketing and Cloverfield

It would be very useful for you to read at least a couple of these articles. The links will also go onto moodle so that you can access them from there as well.

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'This is England' useful links

Links for the Golden Compass (FS2 1st lesson)

Golden Compass

Please sign up for the trip to see The Golden Compass at the Picturehouse on Monday 17th December. You should take your money and reply slip to Finance by Friday 14th December.

More French New Wave films

Here are the rest of the short films students made that have were influenced by the French New Wave films they have been watching. 

Shoot The Phone Call

Breathless Tea

A Biscuit is a Biscuit

French New Wave films

Year 13 students were set the task of filming an everyday task in the style of the French New Wave. Here is an example of one. Others will follow.

Film Trips

There are 2 Film trips coming up, the first is on Monday 15th October and is to watch Volver at the Picturehouse cinema, this is for Y13 students in Tanya's class. Meet at 9.45 for a 10am screening.

The second trip is on the 16th October and is to watch 'Days of Glory', this is for all Y12 film students. Meet at 9.45 for a 10am screening.

Both trips are free and will help with upcoming work!

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